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Indian Railway Standard

Points and Crossing

Point and Crossings are arrangements that facilitate the diversion of trains from one track to another. We manufacture and supply Turnouts, Switches, Points and Crossings, Tongue Rails, etc. as per Indian Railway Standards.

Switch Expansion Joints

Rail Expansion joints also known as Switch Expansion Joints and Improved Switch Expansion Joints are intended to ensure continuity of the main track structures. They allow 2 lines of rails broken in line with the moving parts of the structures, to move longitudinally. We manufacture and supply a wide, customisable variety in the same.

Track Derailing Switches

Track Derailing Switches prevent fouling of a rail track by unauthorised movements of trains. We fabricate these switches using the latest technology which allows long durability of the products. We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of Track Derailing Switches.

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